To Whom It May Concerns,


The Year 2018 is destined to be a very meaningful year for me.

In 2007, two young men identified the IT pain points and established LabSweet IT Studio. In the past decade, we are working hard to provide first-class IT services to start-ups and small-medium companies. With the business growth, I co-founded Shanghai Syzygit Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. mainly focus on providing world-leading ITaaS (IT-as-a-Service) solutions to enterprise customers.

With the establishment of Syzygit, I am also transforming my personal blog to a Personal Brand website. With this transition, it’s no longer suitable to place all old blogs here, thus we are moving previous technical blogs to Syzygit under Team Insights section, you can check out more blogs there as my team mates also post theirs as well.

Going forward, I will annually post a blog, aka Annual Letter. To summarize the findings and lessons learnt in the past year and share with you the key focus in the coming year! Go, check out the annual letter for 2018 now!

Sheldon Jiang

Technical Advisor, Microsoft / Co-Founder, Syzygit

Welcoming A New Era

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN What’s going through your mind when you see the word “Lab”? I had a talk with many friends around me during my college life, the answer seems to be quite consistent: Rigorous, Boring etc. Exactly, those words described our first impression of “Lab”. Some of you may ask me: Why…

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